Guided Grocery Shopping

Smart Shopping

Our Guided Market tour will take your Grocery or Farmers market shopping experience to another level. In order to practice a healthy diet, you must first know what to buy. Key nutrition LLC offers a service where you the shopper and the dietitian shop together and gets one on one guidance on what to look for on labels, facts panels, and ingredient lists to adequately stock your home with the freshest, healthiest, and highest quality foods.

Where these workshops take place

These tours are done in markets nearest to the client or dietitian. Further discussion between the client and dietitian will take place in order to address which markets provide the most varied options for the highest quality foods while tailoring to the client’s price ranges.

What you’ll learn

During the guided food tours you will learn how to spot ingredients, nutrients, and labeling markers that you should look for in order to avoid making purchasing decisions that may affect your nutritional goals. This hands-on approach to nutrition serves individuals at the fundamental level of understanding what’s in their foods.