Pantry Makeover

Nutrition At Home!

This Service will bring our dietitian to your home, to learn one of the most important factors influencing your nutrition, Your Pantry selection! Pantry Make-over allows the dietitian to get an insight into the food items in your refrigerator, freezer, and food cabinet. With your nutritional goals in mind, the dietitian will help revamp your pantry to include more wholesome ingredients and food products.

Pantry Makeover Service

Our Pantry Makeover is a privately scheduled service with a registered dietitian from Key Nutrition that will come to your home and help you navigate the food products you currently have in your home. We will discuss food options, storage, packaging, shelf-life and review food labels and ingredients to help you make better buying decisions and ensure you get the most out of the food purchased.

We will review food items and recommend options that are more nutrient-dense and less processed.

The goal is to make you a more informed shopper and optimize the food options to use in a variety of dishes making you a savvy shopper yielding higher purchase power and making sure you get the most out of your food.

At the end of the session, Key Nutrition will give you a set of actionable recommendations that you can use immediately to make sure you have a balanced stock of healthy food items for quick and nutritious meals.