Company History

Olena Zinshtein, RD, LDN founder of Key Nutrition LLC, since 2010 in private practice, in her neighborhood Washington square Philadelphia. Olena has been working with a variety of patient populations from an inpatient Hospital setting, Corporate, Community based and now in an outpatient setting managing Diabetes, Heart disease, Renal disease, Gastrointestinal disorders, weight loss/gain, food allergies/sensitivities, Immune support and more.

Olena works closely with her clients learning what their struggle with food is in order to help them establish a healthy relationship with food. She provides knowledge and tools for long-term success in achieving client’s goals to fit personal lifestyle, health concerns, and food preferences. Olena practices medical nutrition therapy based on the latest evidence based research.

Olena has been working with dietetic interns, mentoring and teaching fundamentals of nutritional counseling and functional foods.

Meet Olena Zinshtein, RD, LDN

I find it rewarding to plant a seed of healthy eating where measurable outcomes come to life. I truly enjoy working with individuals to empower and build a strong nutritional foundation. In my practice, I incorporate useful workshops, seminars that are targeted services to help further individuals’ goals/needs, and inspire them to make healthy food choices. Helping clients integrate balanced meals in their daily routines thus making healthy eating a way of life. I enjoy practicing various activities from yoga to pilates and walking on the beach, staying active gives me constant energy and desire to nourish my body with functional foods. I love to cook, making this a family affair!

Sarah Riley RD, LDN

Sarah is a licensed Registered Dietitian with a Master of Science in Nutrition. She received her Bachelor of Science from Clemson University and completed her Master’s and Dietetic
Internship at Saint Elizabeth University. Throughout her experience in the Corporate Wellness environment, she has counseled a wide variety of clientele on many disease states and weight management strategies. Sarah also writes, creates, and presents evidence-based nutrition webinars on various topics such as weight management, fad diets, label reading, grocery shopping, meal prepping, food safety, etc. Sarah has always been fascinated by the science of nutrition and is extremely passionate about using her knowledge to empower others to lead healthier lifestyles.