Collaborative Initiatives

Invest into a Healthier Workforce

Key Nutrition LLC provides various services to corporate and communal clients. Our seminars and workshop services are specially designed and based on scientific data to ensure that they promote and provide proper nutrition and lifestyle choices to improve health and wellness. Keeping employees healthy while decreasing medical costs.

Onsite Wellness Events

  • Workshop/Seminar
  • Cooking Program with a sampling of Flavorful and Wholesome Foods
  • Genetic Testing

In-Office Workshops

Routinely conduct small group workshops at Key Nutrition office, on various topics.

Some topics of Interest:

  • Heart Health
  • Functional Fiber
  • Family Meals

Community Initiatives

Participated in Family Champions workshops a campaign serving the low-income communities, geared toward making one change at a time through a series of interactive workshops via PA grant for healthy family meals initiative. Introduced families to various cooking ingredients while creating a budget-friendly nutritious meal.