Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing – Tailored Nutritional Plan

With the ongoing enrichment of our genomic knowledge, science has identified numerous nutrition-related gene polymorphisms that significantly affect our longevity and well-being. A proper diet and possibly supplementation regimen might maximize your genetic potential. Although nutrigenomics is a relatively new field, the premise it holds is nothing short of fascinating. With the availability of DNA testing labs, we can test your relevant gene variants to shed some light on how to optimize your nutrition.

To illustrate, ​here is one of the multitudes of genes that we test for variants. The BCMO1 gene encodes a protein that converts beta-carotene into vitamin A. Some variants of this gene cause it to be less effective, hindering the conversion and possibly inducing vitamin A deficiency. This triggers symptoms such as macular degeneration, dry skin, night blindness, weak fingernails, depressed immune system, cancer, etc… Armed with this knowledge, your dietitian (hey it’s me), can assist you in obtaining the active form of vitamin A from your diet, as relying on carrots would not help much in this common polymorphism case. Some of the few other polymorphisms we test for are:

  • Your folate metabolism; MTHFR (folic acid / L-methylfolate)
  • B6 metabolism (Pyridoxine / pyridoxal-5-phosphate)
  • Vitamin D conversion CYP2R1 (vitamin D 25hydroxylase)
  • B12 metabolism FUT2 gene
  • LDL cholesterol recycling – APOE4
  • Many others related to your diet and lifestyle

Optimize your potential by identifying what factors affect your metabolism; for longevity and health.