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Olena Zinshtein, RD, LDN founder of Key Nutrition LLC, since 2010 in private practice, in her neighborhood Washington square Philadelphia. Olena has been working with a variety of patient populations from an inpatient Hospital setting, Corporate, Community based and now in an outpatient, private practice setting managing various health conditions, food allergies/sensitivities, Immune support and more.

Olena works closely with her clients learning what their struggle with food is in order to help them establish a healthy relationship with food. She provides knowledge and tools for long-term success in achieving client’s goals to fit personal lifestyle, health concerns, and food preferences. Olena practices medical nutrition therapy based on the latest evidence based research. Olena has been working with dietetic interns, mentoring and teaching fundamentals of nutritional counseling and functional foods. Olena Zinshtein works closely with Penn Passport members, providing them and their families with personalized nutrition guidance as part of their dedicated medical team. As a nutrition partner for the Penn Medicine Executive Health Program, she equips busy executives with high-level care and preventative wellness through comprehensive evaluations and tailored plans. Olena’s expertise ensures that each client receives state-of-the-art, evidence-based guidance for their unique health needs, supporting their overall wellness anytime, anywhere.

Meet Olena Zinshtein, RD, LDN

Founder of Key Nutrition LLC

Olena Zinshtein is a distinguished registered dietitian nutritionist specializing in personalized and concierge nutrition through comprehensive assessments and various testing evaluations. Passionate about one-on-one client interactions, Olena goes beyond the office setting to teach the importance of purchasing quality foods and stocking a healthy pantry. With her hands-on approach, she empowers clients to make informed, nutritious choices that fit their lifestyles. Olena’s dedication to personalized care ensures each client receives the support they need to achieve their health goals. Outside of her professional role, she enjoys staying active, traveling and cooking wholesome meals with her family.

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Key Nutrition LLC provides various services to corporate and communal clients. Our seminars and workshop services are specially designed and based on scientific data to ensure that they promote and provide proper nutrition and lifestyle choices to improve health and wellness. Keeping employees healthy while decreasing medical costs.

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