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Key Nutrition

Key Nutrition is a private practice with licensed registered dietitian/nutritionist experts located on Washington Square in Philadelphia. We work closely with our clients and families to ensure that we address your nutritional needs for optimal nutrient-rich meal recommendations and healthy lifestyle recommendations. Additionally, we collaborate with community and corporate partners to provide interactive wellness programs empowering employees to stay healthy. Our mission is to provide practical solutions for individuals to sustain lasting nutritional habits and improve overall health and wellbeing.

Meet Olena Zinshtein, RD, LDN

Founder of Key Nutrition LLC

Olena Zinshtein is a licensed Nutritionist and Dietitian that has been promoting wellness to the Greater Philadelphia Area since 2004. She works with children, adults, and regularly conducts corporate training to promote the mission of Key Nutrition LLC.

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Key Nutrition LLC provides various services to corporate and communal clients. Our seminars and workshop services are specially designed and based on scientific data to ensure that they promote and provide proper nutrition and lifestyle choices to improve health and wellness. Keeping employees healthy while decreasing medical costs.

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